common writing mistakes

Many people underestimate the importance of good grammar skills and the impact of writing mistakes in the workplace. Regardless of your job position, it can damage your reputation if you do not improve your writing skills and work on the most common grammar mistakes.

Business Writing Mistakes


As long as people today follow the principles of politically correct attitudes, try not to use male pronouns when the subject could be female. The most appropriate approach is to use in writing “his or hers”, and “him or her” with any alternatives between the mentioned solutions.

Primary school mistakes

Remember the mistakes you did in your elementary school and try your best to avoid them. Nobody expects perfect grammar, but you should never mix up “their” and “there’re”. It will burden your professionalism in the eyes of anyone you want to contact.

Inappropriate language

Remember that at work you are emailing your colleagues, but not your friends. Do not use improper capitalization while talking to your colleagues; it only works in messages to friends. The best solution is to use correct spelling, good grammar skills, and formatting as well. Do not make your writing too formal, but do not forget to write some greetings and proper capitalization that will improve your writing.

Overuse of upper case and punctuation

Do not overuse CAPS LOCK and additional punctuation. When you write using CAPS LOCK in your message, it is equal to screaming and is inappropriate in formal writing. Multiple exclamation points also make your message inappropriate along with question marks. Sending the wrong message is the last thing you want. Always ask yourself whether you used punctuation properly according to the topic of your message

Forgetting to proofread

Remember to proofread every message you are about to send. If your message is intended for your boss, do not send it at once. Leave the message in the Outbox, relax for a while, and read it again. Also, you may ask your colleague to check the message and make sure it is appropriate.

Every day requires more and more communication in the written form. That is why it is worth taking the time to fix the most common mistakes you make and improve your writing.