Writing a White Paper: The Basics

Writing a White Paper: The Basics

Writing a white paper is essential for those who deal with online business platforms and communicate with their clients through web posts. Knowing how to write a white paper has become one of the key skills for young entrepreneurs, as this kind of document is a convenient way to attract a new audience and deliver offers to existing customers. In addition, it has a universal nature and can serve different purposes, which makes this writing irreplaceable for many companies. If you do not know white paper writing rules, it is high time for you to discover them, or at least find someone who can assist you with this sort of writing.

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Why Is a “White Paper” Important?

When you hear the words “white paper”, you probably think about some document that contains information, which does not relate to the business’ success. However, recent studies proved that posting a white paper online can actually improve the company’s economic position and is directly related to attracting new sales. This is due to the document’s appeal to the progressive forms of information representation, which is convenient and familiar to modern users. For instance, a company’s white paper template can be sent in electronic mail, attached to video reviews, and included in product presentations. As a result of white paper use, the clients become more informed about services and products offered by the company and are more likely to order them.

Besides, this method works faster than others, because a user does not have to read the whole product description or instruction or browse for additional information through the website: the white paper research contains all the significant information. Such a powerful tool of information presentation cannot be ignored in the conditions of competition.

What Is a “White Paper”?

Generally speaking, a white paper is a PDF document that contains brief, yet comprehensive information about some product. Initially, this kind of writing was applied for exchanging offers between companies and served as a time-saving advertisement of the features that the potential partners might find useful. With time, the concept of the document has expanded to present the products to clients. As a rule, white paper examples discuss a certain problem in some area and then explain how their product can become a solution to it. This way, in one post, a user can find a full explanation of an issue, with statistical data and significant details, and find a solution that works. The persuasive tone is typical for this kind of writing, as the aim is not only to inform the reader but also to make them want to buy the product.

White Paper Writing

Composing a white paper is challenging in its way, as it requires doing a lot of research and presenting the information effectively in one document. However, if to be persistent and consecutive, the best results can be achieved.

  • Preparation stage

The very first thing you need to do before the actual writing is found all the relevant information on the topic you are dealing with. Think about your product and where it can be applied. Make a research about the target buyers, their needs and problems. What bothers your potential clients? What are their current problems? How can your offer help them? These questions will form a foundation for your white paper proposal. Having defined the directions to focus on, find all the sources you can that can contribute to the topic. You should only choose reliable books and articles at verified websites and libraries. Read the literature, take notes, and write down the ideas that you find significant within the frame of the analyzed sphere. Then, arrange these ideas into an outline, which will serve as a plan for creating the paper’s text.

  • White paper format

Despite the narrow field of application and the length of a white paper, its format should be rather traditional. Such a document should contain such basic elements, as an introduction, main body, and conclusion. However, the body part is usually divided into several sections, each dedicated to a different theme. For example, such sections can contain the problem’s description, the current statistics on the issue, presentation of the product, how the product can solve the issues, the product’s main properties, etc. It is important to keep the sections consecutive and make sure that each of them presents the information, with all the significant details included.

  • Writing tips
  1. Choose a topic carefully. It is easy to get carried away with some interesting information, but you need to focus on a topic that will work for you. It is always a good idea to take your potential customers’ needs for the basis of your white paper.
  2. Relate all the information to your product and the sphere of your work. The research you made should not stand on its own: it should connect logically to your company’s offers and terms of work.
  3. Show the readers how your product or service can be useful to them. Explain how it should be applied and what results in it can bring. Use bright examples to persuade your target buyers.
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