200 Word Essay Example

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Thank you for contacting us concerning the issue with the product that you have bought from our company. Do-Craft Fabrics is committed to offering the best solution possible, to help you resolve the problem.

We are deeply concerned about your loss and hope that you accept our sincere apology for the inconvenience. In your letter, you requested a refund because the value of the product did not meet your expectations. We understand your concern and decision to get your money back; however, our current policies do not allow for refunds; perhaps, this stand can be reviewed in the future.

Your fabric might have faded easily because of the bleaching effect of the sun. Although the company does not give refunds, we are glad to assist you with the dyeing services that will restore the glamour of your fabric. It is also advisable that you position your seat in an area that is protected against direct sunlight to avoid similar problems in the future. We highly acknowledge your efforts to inform us about the problem; the information you provided will help our company improve its services.

We will contact you in the coming days and help regain the trust in Do-Craft Fabrics.

Thank you.