paper writing styles

Paper writing styles serve the purpose of expressing our ideas differently, with the usage of versatile writing techniques. They help us to effectively present ideas on paper and show our attitude to a specific problem. Writing styles give us a chance to explore the personality of each writer. If you do not understand what it means, then check our explanation further.

Every person has his or her paper writing style. If you do not believe in it, let us present a couple of examples. Check what clothes you and your mom wear. You will find several differences, even though you both are females (presumably). You prefer casual styles, whereas your mom wears mostly classic clothing even in everyday life situations. The same can be said about writing styles. Every writer will express the same idea differently, even if the topic and purpose of writing are the same.

You can find different definitions of a writing style on the Internet. To understand what it means, you should always remember an example with clothing. Every writer reflects a unique writing style.

In terms of paper writing format, there are 4 commonly seen types of writing:

  • Narrative
  • Persuasive
  • Descriptive
  • Expository

Every style has its original features and if you have to write an essay in any abovementioned format, you can find some examples on the web to ensure you are on the right track.

A Detailed Explanation of Paper Writing Styles

Expository pieces of writing are informative. It means that the writer should not strive to persuade the reader and impose his/her ideas. The primary purpose of writing is to discuss the topic and present several examples and supporting details for the reader to fully understand the topic. The writer should focus on the subject, not on personal opinions. This paper writing style is assigned to students, who do not need to generate their ideas about the topic. They should carry out research on the topic, gather relevant materials, extract the most effective ideas, and explain the notion. Expository essays refer to formal writing, which means that you should choose proper vocabulary.

Descriptive papers serve a completely different purpose. They should not convince the reader or information about a particular issue, but express the writer’s emotions and show the beauty of language. Descriptive pieces of writing include poetry and fiction. It means that writers can use many adjectives and adverbs to make their piece of writing vivid. In addition, the usage of literary devices is also essential. The figurative language will help to stir readers’ imagination. The descriptive paper writing format remains one of the most challenging ones because it is pretty hard to express one’s emotions by using academic vocabulary and many literary techniques.

Here is probably one of the most popular writing styles – persuasive writing. Students tell that professors adore this paper writing style because it gives them a chance to evaluate students’ knowledge of the subject and their ability to present solid arguments. In persuasive essays, a writer should present some background ideas about the issue and then move on to specific examples and evidence to prove his/her point. The key task here is to make readers accept the writer’s ideas, which is pretty challenging. One should use solid reasoning and effective evidential support.

Narrative Writing

Narrative writing shares the purpose of entertaining readers. The writer should create a story about a specific event from his/her life or make up a new one. It is important to use all narrative writing techniques like the beginning, culminating point, and ending to make the reader interested. This paper writing format should also use imagery and descriptive vocabulary. In narrative writing, writers are allowed to introduce their unique features to make the reader intrigued. The goal is to include as many relevant details as possible, which will give the reader a chance to visualize the story.