how to write five paragraph essay

Each paper should start with an introductory paragraph. It introduces the subject of the work and presents its key points. Note that the introduction of a five-paragraph essay includes a thesis statement. It should be specific and focus on the chosen topic. Remember that it has to be written clearly. By the way, producing the thesis statement is an excellent opportunity to interest readers in your project.

When you start writing a paper, you should tell readers what they are going to deal with. However, do not disclose all valuable information. You should just give them a hint about the matter under consideration. The last sentence of the introduction should take readers to the next paragraph. It means that the introductory section should have an intriguing ending and make users continue reading the work.

5 Paragraph Essay Body

The First Paragraph

First, it is necessary to say that the body of any academic work provides detailed information about the subject mentioned in the introduction. It presents concrete and interesting facts about the explored issues. To help readers understand the paper better, you should cite vivid examples. It should be noted that the first sentence of the first body paragraph usually relates to the last sentence of the introduction. Each paragraph pushes forward a particular idea and discusses it. Do not forget that it should be closely related to the thesis statement. By the way, it is necessary to make smooth transitions between the paragraphs. It will make your piece of writing coherent.

The Second Paragraph

This paragraph continues to examine the subject. Here, you should provide persuasive evidence to support the key idea of the work. If you do not know how to continue writing a five-paragraph essay, use the technique applied to producing the first paragraph. It means that the first few sentences should develop the idea put forward in the above-mentioned paragraph. Besides, it should relate to the thesis statement written in the introduction. Do not forget that the last sentence of this paragraph should make a direct transition to the next paragraph.

The Third Paragraph

Here, you should apply the same method of exploring the matter as in the previous paragraphs. This part of the paper gives less powerful arguments. It can be said that this paragraph is an addition to the second one. However, it should also provide reliable data on the issue. The first sentence of this paragraph should be connected with the last sentence of the second paragraph. The key point discussed in this paragraph is usually presented in the first sentence. It is very important to make a direct link to the conclusion. It is one of the basic elements of a five-paragraph essay format. This paragraph shows that the major aspects of the paper are covered. It leads readers to a conclusion.


It is the last section of the paper. However, it is an important item of a 5 paragraph essay structure. It gives a concise summary of the information presented in the whole work. It should be admitted that a conclusion should mention the points discussed in the piece of writing as well as the thesis statement. This paragraph has to be written clearly and logically. When producing it, you should convince readers that the paper is worth considering.

To summarize, a conclusion should:

  • relate to the introductory paragraph
  • present the thesis statement one more time. However, it should be formulated in other words than that in the introduction.
  • sum up the ideas formulated and explored in the body paragraphs

The most important thing is that a conclusion should give readers a clear understanding of the reasonable ending of the paper. By the way, if it goes about persuasive essays, you may call users for action.