writing a narrative essay

When producing a narrative essay, students have a great opportunity to share their experiences with others. It is obvious that the life of every person is full of different events and each of us has some precious memories. It is an excellent subject for writing such types of works. However, it often happens that the prewriting stage is very difficult. We have to spend much time taking all the necessary steps to start the writing process.

Writing Great Narrative Essays

Basic Aspects

It should be admitted that there is a vast variety of topics for producing narrative papers. Their key feature is describing the real-life experience. However, it should be told in the form of a story. If to consider different essay examples, you will see that each work presents a particular point of view. When exploring a certain subject, authors usually provide a lot of vivid details. It is very important to make readers the participants of the narration. By the way, the main idea of a narrative essay writing piece is determined in the opening sentence.

Writing Technique

It is necessary to pay close attention to the author’s technique when producing a narrative paper. As has been stated above, such a work should be prepared in the form of literary composition. You have to mind a narrative essay format when writing it. Therefore, your work has to include such elements as a plot, scene, characters, ending, and climax. You should cover these aspects completely. When providing enough essential details, it will be easier for you to explain certain facts. Besides, good descriptions will make your essay explicit.


The afore-mention information will give you a clear understanding of what a narrative paper is. Thus, you need to remember that this essay:

  • presents a particular viewpoint and proves it;
  • provides colorful details;
  • uses different set expressions, adverbial modifiers;
  • presents dialogues;
  • follows the sequence of events

Learners sometimes confuse narrative papers with typical college works. However, they differ from each other. The point is that the purpose of writing a narrative essay is to describe something in detail. Other academic works compared to the narrative ones are produced in compliance with general education requirements.

There are a lot of topics for narrative essays. The most popular of them are listed below:

What Is Like Being a Freshman?

A Memorable Event in My Life

The Greatest Wish

The Most Complicated Decision in My Life

A Fantastic Weekend Trip

Note that there are different kinds of narrations. One of them is a book report. If you have to do such an assignment, you should take the following steps to succeed:

  1. analyze the plot of the book
  2. describe characters
  3. discuss the setting

When making a book report, you should perform a detailed analysis of the events described in a book. When preparing this work, you should not focus on the author’s opinion expressed in a particular book. If you want to choose an event for analysis, keep in mind the following:

  • Support the point with straightforward facts. In this case, your wealth of experience may be rather helpful.
  • Analyze the chosen item and not the whole group.
  • Make readers take part in the described story.
  • Cite impressive examples.

When producing a short narrative essay, you should remember to fill it with details. It should be written in the first person singular. However, you may also use the third person singular. Do not forget that narrations deal with a plot, characters, setting, climax, and ending part.

Try to choose a fascinating subject for your paper. Otherwise, you may fail to prepare it. By the way, you may always take a great narrative essay example into consideration to understand how your work should look like.