position in sports

Have you ever been involved in a heated discussion of the most difficult positions in sports? I bet you have. Frankly, I also like discussing sports events, so I’ve prepared my top 7 of both physically and technically challenging positions. Check out and choose your hardest position in sports.

Some Hardest Position in Sports

  1. Center (Basketball). Every time a ball comes down low, a center is going to be bumped and hand-checked. It’s impossible to disagree that going hard in the paint for up to 30 minutes requires outstanding physical and psychological strength.
  2. Running Back. I find running to be exhausting. Just imagine how hard it is to run 40 yards in 4 seconds. As if it is not enough, a running back must dodge defenders and linebackers who are trying to knock him down. And this all happens 20-30 times in a game.
  3. Midfielder. I would call soccer a test on human endurance. While it lasts 90 minutes, a midfielder is supposed to run around the field all the time. Experienced midfielders consider 8000 meter run to be their daily routine. Plus, they help the offense and the defense.
  4. Center (Football). A team expects them to know what all defensive linemen are about to do. They are also supposed to recognize blitz schemes and get the ball back to the quarterback. This done, they must block anyone who’s coming at them almost at the speed of light.
  5. Quarterback. These guys stand there and expect some 300-pound lineman to hit them any second. Don’t you think they have nerves of iron? In addition, imagine how their arms hurt after throwing one lb. ball 30 times per game.
  6. Catcher. Would you be able to spend an hour squatting? In a catcher’s armor under the burning sun? After that, try running 90 ft and expect other players to run into you at full speed. If you still do not agree that being a catcher is stressful, try doing all things I’ve just mentioned 6 times a week for half a year.
  7. Keeper. In my ratings, this is by far the hardest position in sports. Some people would not agree here, but one has to be extremely skillful to defend an 8×24 ft net. No matter how tall and physically fit you are, stopping a ball that is flying at a speed of 70 miles per hour seems crazy. And all they have to help them is a pair of padded gloves.

These were some interesting sports facts for you to know how physically demanding some sports positions are. It may only seem to be easy, but it takes great skill and mental strength to play your part and not let the team down.