new year ideas

While Christmas is all about homemade food, family dinners, and presents, New Year’s Eve is usually spent far more intensely. For many people, alcohol has become a synonym for New Year’s celebration. However, it doesn’t have to be. If you’re one of those people who choose sobriety, check out these ideas of fun things to do on New Year’s Eve when everyone else seems to be wasted.

New Year Games

There are two kinds of games – drinking ones and all other games you can come up with. However, even in a drinking game, no one can make you consume alcohol unless you’re willing to do it. For example, in truth or dare choose only truth for your friends not to challenge you to gulp a glass of booze. There are also some games you can appreciate even without being drunk. Cards Against Humanity, for example, will leave everyone in tears of laughter.

Use Mocktails

If you know other people who are staying away from booze, throwing a New Year’s Eve party for them can be a great idea. To create a celebratory atmosphere, make some nonalcoholic New Year’s drinks, namely, mocktails. There are numerous recipes for them on the Internet, so you’ll be able to cater to any taste. Tastefully decorated, they will give your party a classy vibe and won’t leave anyone throwing up in the bathroom.

Attend or Organize a DDPP

DDPP stands for Dance Dance Party Party. This is a type of party that doesn’t include men or alcohol. Sounds boring? In reality, it is not. This type of social gathering is beloved by many women who want to take a break and simply enjoy themselves in an accepting environment. After all, the motto of such parties is “no judgment.”

Stay True to Yourself

Even when your friends are throwing a great party that includes drinks, it doesn’t mean that you have to avoid it by all means. You can still have fun, enjoy festivities, and celebrate the new year without getting tipsy. However, remember the main thing – you are not “spoiling the mood” as some people might say. Staying sober is your own choice, and no one is allowed to pressure you into anything. When things get unbearable, don’t hesitate to leave.
New Year’s Eve is a fun time we all appreciate. It gives us a chance to wind down and spend some quality time with friends. Happy Holidays!