25 most adorable cartoon characters

There are many adorable characters out there. Here are the 25 most adorable cartoon heroes.

List of Cartoon Characters

  1. Dopey: this dim bulb from the cartoon is so stupid and adorable that American Film Institute named it number one.
  2. Gromit: being a Claymation man’s best buddy, he never speaks. His eyes and big ears talk for themselves.
  3. Gleek: unlike the Wonder Twins, Gleek’s adorableness is out of control.
  4. Boots: a friend of Dora the Explorer, a monkey with sweet little shoes, is extremely adorable.
  5. Bill: you think he is just a Bill? Well, you’re wrong. He teaches kids how Congress passes laws. He is super cute.
  6. Sebastian: the lobster from The Little Mermaid is probably the sweetest sea creature ever and one of the most famous cartoon characters.
  7. Hamm: this piggy bank from The Toy Story is very sweet.
  8. Pikachu: this Pokemon’s adorableness beats all the records. It is among very famous cartoon characters around the world too. Plus, he can shoot lighting!
  9. Russel: this Fat Albert gang member has a high voice, very nice freckles, and a very sweet character.
  10. Baba Looey: a huge sombrero is probably what made him popular.
  11. Atom Ant: very similar to Baba Looey, this ant is a small cutie.
  12. Arthur: starring in his own PBS show, this character is extremely sweet.
  13. Roger Rabbit: when speaking of famous cartoon characters, not many come as close as Roger Rabbit. His ears and red suspenders are truly remarkable. His “P-p-please!” phrase places him between other super cute cartoon characters.
  14. Jiminy Cricket: everybody who loves watching cartoons, knows how sweet this character is. He is Pinocchio’s conscience. His top is what makes him so amazing.
  15. Kipper: nothing beats the British accent of this character. Cute!
  16. Ike: for children that watch cartoons little comes close to Ike from the South Park. He is huggable!
  17. Speedy Gonzales: this mouse from Mexico cannot be missed in the adorable ranking.
  18. Remy: despite being a rat, he is very sweet and knows how to cook.
  19. Ralph Wiggum: this character from The Simpsons is undeniably cute.
  20. Wall-E: a newcomer to the rating, his eyes cannot be resisted by anyone.
  21. Elroy Jetson: he has a cute little-boy face and a small hat makes him ADORABLE!
  22. Babs Bunny: Babs with his floppy ears and pink fur beats even the Buster Bunny.
  23. Chip: he is the cutest and sweetest one of the Chipmunks. You cannot disagree with that.
  24. Muppet Babies: all of them are unmistakably cute, so one cannot choose a single one.
  25. Porky Pig: this well-dressed Looney Tunes stuttering character is charming!

Watching cartoons always brings a lot of pleasure!