essay on christmas

10 Christmas Essay Topic Ideas

Christmas is a magic holiday because the warmth of our hearts that often slumbers during the routine of our daily activities awakens and starts pulsing with vibrations of love and kindness. Writing an essay on the topic of Christmas is a great way to emphasize the beauty and importance of this holiday. Below you will find the top 10 ideas that you can use working on your Christmas essay. They will inspire you to write a great paper.

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Essay on Christmas: Top 10 Topic Ideas

  1. Beautiful Memory. We all have memories related to this beautiful holiday. You may select one and describe it in your essay.
  2. Memorable Present You Handed to Someone. A lot of people like giving presents more than receiving them. You can compose a story about giving a gift to your close friend.
  3. Memorable Present That You’ve Been Given. Maybe someone gave you a present that exceeded your expectations so that you were bursting with emotions? That’s worth describing.
  4. Shopping on Christmas. Shopping is inseparable from the Christmas holiday, and a lot of Christmas ideas find their embodiment on the shelves of supermarkets. Maybe you have some fascinating stories about this? If not, you may just describe some pleasant aspects of Christmas shopping.
  5. Christmas and Family. It’s a family holiday, so why not you cover a paper on the positive effect of Christmas on relationships?
  6. Your Favorite Part of Christmas. Some people enjoy celebration less than preparation for Christmas. And what’s your favorite part of preparing for Christmas? Write about this!
  7. Christmas Traditions. Every country has different traditions. Even families have various traditions. Does your family have some special ones that you can write about?
  8. Memorable Christmas Day. Maybe a year ago, or ten years ago, you had a perfect Christmas day. Describe it!
  9. The Day after Christmas. Not only Christmas but also the day after Christmas is magical. Describe one of such days from your life.
  10. Funny Christmas Story. Christmas is always surrounded by funny stories. Maybe you have participated in one?

When writing an essay on Christmas, the main goal is to convey the atmosphere of this beautiful holiday. If you feel the magic, it will be easy for you to transfer it to your paper.