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Biological Agents

Bioterrorism is the type of terrorism related to the global release or propagation of agent “biological agents”. The agents are either modified by human beings or exist in natural form. They consist of viruses, toxins, and bacteria. It is also referred to as the deliberate discharge of bacteria, toxins, viruses, or any other detrimental agents utilized to bring about diseases or death of persons, plants, or animals (Ball et al., 2004). Terrorists use the agents since they are tremendously hard to detect and also they do not beget diseases from numerous hours to a number of days.

The governments have implemented various ways of controlling biological terrorism when it emerges to the public. Various methods like isolation and quarantine have been employed in any rise of any detected epidemic. Terrorists have utilized the strain of botulism agents to cause fear, sickness, and deaths in the population (Angulo, 2014). Since the agent was rated to cause adverse risks of morbidity and mortality because of the lack of antidote commensurate to its cure, quarantine measures have limited the extent and frequency of spreading. The world health organization has encouraged isolation of the patients with the agents preventing infection from being contracted to new victims. The quarantine methods have facilitated confidence among visitors and investors (Angulo, 2014). It has reduced the fear and enabled the progress of regular activities in the affected area.

To instill terror to citizens, terrorists have used the bacteria that facilitate the proliferation of Q fever disease. The American military has encouraged the quarantine and isolation of its unvaccinated troop. The move has enhanced the security of the country by ensuring healthy personnel geared up to secure the borders (Ball et al., 2004).

The emergency managers and the planners of public health ought to consider the following factors in the event of including plans of public health emergency response. They must define the type of agents spreading the disease. The origin of the epidemic and the rapidity of dispersion among the population is another factor to be taken into consideration. The qualification of medical practitioners employed in the task of responding to the health emergency should be also taken into account in the planning system (Angulo, 2014). The attentiveness and alertness of the personnel involved in the execution of the response to public health ought to be put into consideration. The venerability of the site selected for the isolation and quarantine and the availability of safety equipment essential in the performance of the activities related to response to an emergency are also vital.


In conclusion, the rapid growth of the public awareness of the bioterrorism threats ought to be beefed up in order to ensure the safety of the population of the strategic areas targeted by the enemy. The governments of various countries must sensitize their citizens on the potentiality of the new tactics the terrorist are applying (Ball et al., 2004).