Weird Study Tips

Many people associate school with studying that occupies most of their time. There is a grain of truth in such a belief since students are supposed to perform various kinds of activities, including attending lectures and doing considerable amounts of homework. However, students are convinced that the most stressful thing is exam preparation since it requires concentration. Undoubtedly, students resort to different methods, and we are going to discuss some of them below. Despite the weirdness of the following tips, they still may be helpful for you.

Good Study Habits

  1. Appropriate Music. Surely, music contributes to developing effective study skills, but you have to remember that your favorite songs cannot create a favorable background for studying. It is a great option to choose classical music and tracks of natural sounds or instruments.

  2. Sushi. It seems a bit awkward, but fish is considered as food for the brain because it enhances memory. Furthermore, instead of engaging in study skills activities, you may go to a sushi restaurant.

  3. YouTube Videos. The internet provides a wide range of videos about everything you may be interested in. While studying, you can search for videos about the subjects you have to memorize. Such a wonderful combination of cramming the material and fun!

  4. Speak Out Loud. If you prefer to study in an isolated place, then attempt to read aloud what you study. Such a method belongs to effective study skills.

  5. Laugh. During a studying process, try to associate your material with some jokes. In such cases, laughter will serve as a tool for the retention of information.

  6. Make Brief Breaks. Studying is tedious and monotonous; consequently, it is better to divert your attention from it for a few minutes. You may do some exercises and then return to study skills activities.

  7. Go For a Stroll. A 20-minute walk before an exam may become a calming tool that will also help enhance your memory. In such a way, you obtain an opportunity to arrange all the learned information in your head.

  8. Take a Nap. A brief sleep has the same effect as a walk. It assists you in reconsidering the information.

  9. Teach Others. Explaining material to others helps you understand a subject better and serves as good preparation for a test.

  10. Rewrite Your Notes. Rewriting makes you remember the material even better compared to reading.

Consider these tips if you are willing to pass exams with flying colors.