public speaking tips

Many people are really afraid of speaking in front of the audience … well, even if the audience comprises of their group mates. Such fear usually stems from childhood – for example, parents told to keep quiet and not ask anything, because you are scared that the people might laugh, or you might have been probably laughed at by your classmates at school, etc. The reasons can be numerous, but sooner or later, you need to fight this fear as it might prove to be a serious obstacle on your way to success.

So, if You are One of Those Who are Afraid of Speaking up, Read Our Public Speaking Tips

  1. Break out of Your shell and ask Questions whenever You don’t Understand Something

    If you keep silent when having difficulties with some material, you are doomed to fail. So, whenever professors are asking if you have any questions, overcome your fear of speaking and ask the question that is bothering you so much. In case you feel really anxious or nervous, and you are afraid that you will not formulate the question properly, write it down on a piece of paper before asking. Additionally, if you think that you’re the only one who hasn’t understood something, remember that most probably the rest of the class finds itself in the same situation.

  2. Actively Participate in Group Discussions

    Class participation is a way to master your public speaking skills and learn how to persuade the public or just effectively deliver the message across. It is a perfect chance for you to overcome your fear as it is always easier to do so with your group mates rather than when you are speaking in front of a big and unknown audience.

  3. Impress Your Professor

    Actually, speaking up in class is a #1 tip on how to break out of your shell and stand out of the crowd. Professors will notice that you are a diligent student interested in the topic. When interacting with your professors, you will establish a rapport with them, which may later help you in case you need any letters of recommendation.

  4. Remember Your Importance

    Class participation is crucial for your academic goals, studying opportunities, and, of course, grades. Besides, entering into discussions in class will teach you how to defend your position or prove your viewpoint on something, which will be an invaluable asset in your future career and life in general.

  5. Use Group Presentations and Class Discussions to Master the Skills of Public Speaking

    Whenever delivering a speech (even if it is in front of your group mates), do it right. First, maintain eye contact and interact with your audience. Second, do not mumble but speak clearly and distinctly. Third, always think before you speak. If you are delivering a presentation on some controversial topic, it is always better to prepare beforehand.