Types of Academic Papers

There are different types of writing. Thus, when you start writing an academic work, it is important to identify its type. You should know whether it is an essay, research or term paper, or any other work. It is much easier to prepare a paper when you know all the peculiarities of its writing. Students write essays more often than other types of academic work. When they get an assignment from their professors, they do not know how to do it.

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The thing is that some of them do not know the definition of such a notion as “essay”. Thus, they think: “What is an essay? How should I write it?” In this situation, the most important thing is to stay calm and not panic. First of all, it is necessary to find the answer to the question “What is an essay?” A definition says that an essay is a piece of writing in which an author expresses his/her own opinion concerning some issues. There are the following types of essays: narrative, expository, descriptive, analysis, literature, and others. Each of them has its distinctive features. Some essays have an informative character. They give us detailed information about the examined matter. Others discuss some problems and explore ways of solving them. However, what is an essay in origin? This word is French in origin. It means “to try” or “to attempt”.

The above-mentioned information is very useful, but students often need a simpler answer to the question about an essay. The point is that this type of academic writing plays a big role in getting higher education. When students enter a university or college, they have to write admission essays. They help to express every student’s personality in the best way. During the years of studies, students are often asked to give their opinion on some issues in essays. Academic writing is more formal than literary one. That is why students need a clearer definition of the essay. They understand that it is important to write a paper according to the professor’s instructions. When students prepare academic work, they should remember that it has to be formatted and structured properly. Besides, it has to fully disclose the given topic. For this reason, learners have to find an exact essay definition.

Peculiarities of Descriptive Writing

The chief purpose of descriptive writing is to provide a detailed description of a specific issue. When producing such a paper, one has to use different adjectives, adverbs, and literary devices like metaphors, epithets, etc. to create a vivid picture of the matter under consideration. The academic papers of this character are usually assigned to students taking Literature-related courses.

When creating descriptive papers, you may choose to examine any subject, location, feelings, etc. Your task is to aid readers in clearly imagining the issue you are talking about.

This kind of writing performs a couple of functions:

  1. Makes a piece of writing more expressive due to the use of adjectives, various literary devices, etc.
  2. Gives an accurate description of the working procedure or its results to prove that you are completely familiar with the topic.

Depending on the requirements, you may need to apply either a formal or creative tone of writing.

Are you seeking a magnificent descriptive paragraph example? Have a look at the one presented below:

“A ferocious storm was brewing up out at the sea that seemed to be so calm as it had never been before. Seeing that picture, people’s hearts were filled with horror.”

The sentences provided above help readers see the described situation. This is what descriptive papers are aimed at.

It is necessary to state that this kind of writing is the most adjustable among other types that let writers develop their creativity.

Specifics of Persuasive Essay Writing

A persuasive essay is one of the typical kinds of writing. Professors usually assign it to students to see whether they are good at exploring subjects, expressing their opinion on the given topic, and proving it with sound arguments.

The goal of a persuasive paper is to convince readers of the validity of the made statement, while that of an argumentative one – put forward powerful evidence supporting the main assertion. It is necessary to admit that creating persuasive papers is harder than other works. To write it well, you should be aware of the main tips and tricks of argumentative writing.

Persuasive writing has much in common with analytical one. Still, there is a distinct difference. When producing the former, you are supposed to express your personal opinion about the investigated matter and then convince readers that it is the right one. To do it, you need to gather accurate data about the topic you are covering. Remember to use reliable sources. The difficulty in crafting such a paper lies in convincing readers of the correctness of your position on the issue.

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You cannot just say “It is right because I say so.” To make your academic work credible, you are required to:

  • Analyze previously conducted studies on your subject.
  • Check the paper structure. Are the paragraphs connected logically? Is your position supported by convincing arguments?
  • After that, detect the most effective means of persuasion that are used in different writing projects.

When managing your piece of persuasive writing, stick to the following directions:

  • State why your claim is worth being discussed.
  • Provide accurate data about the matter to avoid readers’ doubts and questions.
  • Consider your key point from different angles. Highlight its weakness, if any.
  • If possible, break your opinion into several units to make your paper comprehensible.

If the answer to the question “What is a persuasive essay?” still bothers you, draw your attention to the example given below:

Nicotine is the substance that makes people addict to smoking. According to the latest reports provided by the World Health Organization, only a few drops, 2-3 namely or 20-25 cigarettes, are lethal for people. A person will not die from such a dose as it comes into the blood gradually. Day after day, the amount of nicotine in the blood increases and damages human health.

The example given above is a good one as it contains accurate figures what let readers realize that the paper is credible. Moreover, the indicated source, i.e. WHO, is authoritative meaning it dispels all readers’ doubts about the validity of the information.

Below, there are a few hints on how to keep a convincing tone of writing:

  1. Present your opinion about the matter.
  2. Support your viewpoint with strong arguments.
  3. Ensure the arguments are presented logically.

If you mind this advice, you should not encounter any difficulties with your paper.

As to the structure of your work, it should be the following one:

  • The introductory section includes a thesis statement
  • Body presenting concrete facts about the matter
  • Body paragraph highlighting an opposing viewpoint about the issue
  • Concluding part

Valuable Guide to Producing Top-Notch Expository Essays

The major function of expository essays is to provide reasonable explanations about the examined subject in a comprehensible way. Such a piece of writing can be of an assessing, analytical, or even argumentative nature.

Preparing an expository essay takes a great deal of time since it is a rather voluminous piece of writing. It can be divided into such subtypes as an explanation, cause and effect, definition, analysis, and response essay. This is a detailed answer to the question “What is an expository essay?”

Now, let us discuss the identified essay types.

  • An explanation essay describes a specific process step by step. Such papers usually explain how something works. For example, you may explain how apple juice is squeezed, etc.
  • A definition essay is considered the simplest piece of writing. However, it does not mean that you may copy a definition of a specific notion from the dictionary and consider your paper completed. Remember that plagiarism is punished severely. To make your essay credible, you need to present both an officially accepted definition of the examined issue and your interpretation.
  • A cause-and-effect essay shows that there is a direct connection between different issues. When writing it, you need to determine the reasons and consequences of the tackled matter.
  • A response (reflection) paper presents the writer’s opinion on the discussed subject. Apart from presenting one’s viewpoint, it is necessary to conduct detailed research to collect incontrovertible facts about the topic.
  • An analysis essay is a piece of writing making a thorough evaluation of the explored item, i.e. book, story, play, or any other work.

Expository Essays

Creating a Worthy Piece of Narrative Writing

The main peculiarity of narrative writing is that it lets writers discuss a broad range of topics. You may write about the most memorable event in your life, an extraordinary situation you have ever faced, or any other subject which you consider engaging. It should be admitted that there is no need to look for some sources when composing a narrative essay. This is the fact that makes this type of academic work quite simple. Nevertheless, those who desire to achieve A-level results, do have to work diligently on such a piece of writing.

When producing your paper, you have to provide detailed information about the issue you are discussing so that readers understand everything properly. To make your work clear, feel free to use various language means and express your opinion cogently.

The majority of stories and novels which you come across have a narrative character. What is more, a large number of videos available online are examples of narrations as well. The only difference is that they are presented to people in a video format. Hence, this writing mode is considered the easiest among others.

Before you commence preparing your work, you need to not only know the answer to the question “What is a narrative essay?” but also be aware of the key writing rules:

  1. Planning: ponder over your topic and try to determine whether it has any connection with your life.
  2. Even some insignificant ideas can become worthy ones for your paper.
  3. Think about your feelings. The more passionate about the topic you are, the more profound your 200 word essay will be.
  4. Recollect the details of your narration: objects, people, scenery, season, etc. Bear in mind that each detail matters.

Your major is the very factor that determines the types of papers you will need to write more frequently than any other one while studying. No matter the kinds of writing projects you are supposed to produce, we believe that the tips and instructions provided above will make the writing procedure easier.

Note that our qualified experts are always eager to aid you to craft any academic work up to standard. Thus, order your paper from our team and expect to get the highest score!