my hobbies essay

A hobby essay is a kind of discursive essay that discusses the subject as broadly as possible. It consists of several paragraphs two of which –the introduction and conclusion are obligatory. As for the main body, it may consist of as many paragraphs as many arguments you are ready to provide.

Tips for Writing a Hobbies Essay


In the introduction, a writer makes a general statement about the topic. The purpose of the introduction is to catch the reader’s attention and make them want to go on reading the whole essay. Various techniques can be used to write a gripping introduction. You may start with a quotation, a proverb, or a rhetorical question e.g.

All work and all play make Jack a dull boy. People spend the majority of their time at work, the rest is left for family, social occasions, and free time. Having an interesting hobby is surely the way to spend quality free time and thus work more efficiently.

Another option to start My Hobbies essay is to define a hobby, the purpose of having one, develop it in a paragraph making a logical transition to dwelling on your free time pursuits e.g.

 Hobbies are some things that you do regularly for pleasure in your free time. Hobbies help us escape the daily routine and give us pleasure and peace of mind.

Main Body

The main body of the essay may consist of several paragraphs depending on how many aspects of the given topic you want to cover. The first paragraph of the main body may describe various pastime activities people like doing in their free time e.g. Hobbies may range from collecting stamps and postcards to bird watching. Sports, music, and photography are the free time pursuits as well. What should be mentioned is the reasons why so many people prefer spending their free time doing some interesting and educative activities rather than lying on the sofa like a couch potato e.g.

What is amazing about hobbies is that they make our personalities and characters significantly better. Thus they improve not only the quality of life, but the work efficiency and performance on the whole. Pastime activities help us discover our talents and abilities.

The next paragraph of My Hobbies essay should contain the description of your favorite occupation to which you devote all your free time. The first sentence of this paragraph may be as simple as this e.g. My hobby is gardening/collecting stamps/playing badminton/train watching and so on.  It would be interesting for a reader to know the history of this free time pursuit, so several sentences about its origins would be appropriate. But do not go into much detail. Remember that you have to describe your hobby, not its history or popularity among people. Instead, you may write a sentence or two about how and why you took up the hobby e.g.

It was my father who first showed me the world of stamps. Being a passionate collector himself, he made me love this activity as well.

Or it may run like this: I started my hobby the day I took a camera in my hands and made the first photograph. Now I realize that photography is not just capturing a perfect moment, it is art.

 In the next paragraph, you should dwell on the hobby itself. Mention how much time you devote to it, whether you do it regularly or just occasionally. Describe a range of feelings and emotions you experience when you spend your time absorbed in your favourite pastime e.g.

I enjoy gardening. Every time I see the flowers bloom and the young leaves bud I feel joy and pride for this is me who brings them to life.  Working in the garden I develop muscle strength and stamina, so gardening is surely good for my health.

You may devote a paragraph of the essay to your plans for the future, i.e. whether you intend to continue the hobby or take up something completely different; a good idea would be to write about your most cherished dream or a challenging activity connected with the hobby you are into.


The conclusion of a hobby essay may state your own opinion on the importance of having an interesting hobby or a recommendation for everyone to take up an occupation that will suit their interests. Just like the introduction, the conclusion may end with a quotation or a rhetorical question.

As for the essay style, it should be neither too formal nor too colloquial. Avoid using slangy words, contracted forms, or direct questions. Use a variety of linking words and phrases to make an essay well-structured and coherent. Provide well-grounded arguments if necessary and appropriate personal examples.