Home Assignments

Very often students procrastinate their home assignments. They would rather do anything else, but composing an essay or research paper is the thing that makes them get bored. It is very popular among students to postpone writing till the last hours and you are definitely not the only one suffering from this “disease”. However, if you are regularly involved in procrastination, you will definitely get poor grades. Here is a small list of facts that make students distract their attention from doing their homework. As soon as they take their laptop and surf the net, they are bound to see hundreds of ads that reflect stunning and impressive facts.

Even if you indeed want to work on your home task, there are very little chances that you will not click on any of those surprising articles with bright pictures. Here are subheadings in ads that make students procrastinate their homework.

  • It is difficult for rats and some horse breeds to vomit.
  • While sneezing, a person might break his/her rib.
  • Do not try to keep your sneeze when sneezing. It will make your blood pressure increase and can lead to a heart failure.
  • Researchers state that it is common for 60% of people not to use modern communicative methods at all.
  • Cats can cure some heart diseases.
  • Ostriches do not burry their heads into the ground. It would make impossible for them to breathe.
  • When you sneeze, your brain and heart stops for a couple of seconds. It is the primary reason why people say, “Bless you.”
  • One cannot touch an elbow with a tongue.
  • Frogs cannot look into the sky because of an insignificant amount of muscles.
  • Cell phones can prolong one’s life.

Those are the most popular facts that make students forget about their home assignments. You should not be ashamed, if you do in the same way, but reading articles on such topics will take too much time and you will not be able to submit your paper on time. Though they are funny, but do you want to get your grade lowered because of late submission?

Other Common Facts

Do you know the year when basketball was founded? It happened in 1891. In addition, what about volleyball? It appeared 4 years later only. Now you probably think that you should not read such information at all because procrastination is not a good way out. Reading interesting facts will make you spend funny time, but the easiest way to proceed working on your essay is to block all social media websites for some time and use search engines for research purposes only.

  • Many people do not know that blind people have never seen other smiling. At the same, they are still capable of smiling and sharing their emotions.
  • Every person breathes approximately 6 million times each year.
  • A newborn baby has 300 bones, but an adult has only 200 bones left (it is a joke).
  • A foot has more bones than a chest.
  • Natural celery contains the smallest amount of calories.
  • There will be more than 16 billion people on Earth till 2070.
  • People can suffer from insomnia due to energy drinks.

We are positive that you barely believe in those ideas. However, if you have already spent an hour or two reading such facts, do you really think you are not procrastinating your homework? You surely do!

Remember that if you want to become a good student, you will not postpone academic assignments till the last minute. If you want to make a favorable impression on your teachers, read less funny articles on the web and spend more time on writing.