types of university

 types of university

If you know nothing about the types of university in the USA, you may become confused, especially when you get informed about the price of your studies.

Here is a Brief Overview of the Basic Types of University in the USA

Public (State) Universities in the USA

This kind of universities get funding from the state government. They are also alluded to as colleges or schools, as both words “school” and “college” are used when referring to a single faculty or department within the university, for example the Language School or the College of Biology.

State universities in the USA are often grouped in public university systems – groups of universities that operate separately but have common administration and management. As a rule, public universities have not as high tuition fees than private ones. However, in public universities, students from the same state have to pay lower fees than the out-of-state and international students.

Community Universities

This kind of universities also get funding from the government. In community colleges, students have to study during two years and then they get undergraduate-level qualification. Such associate’s degree may be used as a foundation for a bachelor’s degree, which one can get after studying two more years at another college or university of the US.

This type of college has much lower fees than the other kinds of colleges. Like in the case with public educational establishments, community colleges are also parts of state “systems.”

Private Non-Profit Universities

This type of universities is considered to be most elite. They are usually held in equal esteem and are as competitive when it comes to gaining admission.

Private universities have much higher fees than the public ones.

For-Profit Universities

The for-profits operate as business ventures with an aim to make money for their shareholders and to provide good education for students. However, in the past few years, this type of colleges has been criticized for regulations, which are not strict enough. Therefore, many parents began to doubt in their investment. Despite this fact, for-profit universities continue to play a big part in the US higher education sector.

Liberal Arts Colleges

The liberal art colleges, which concentrate on providing undergraduate-level courses in the liberal arts and sciences, are very popular in the country. They have quite small classes and overall enrolments, and allow students to select a major subject while also providing a range of the other disciplines. They are known for strong focus on teaching, a more academic side of higher education, and individual student development.

Now when you know the basic kinds of universities and colleges of the US, it should be much easier to make a decision.