Travel the World for Free

travel the world for free

Travelling is a novel religion of the modern generation. We search our place in the world, we savor the world and discover new dimensions of our surrounding while travelling. If insufficient budget is the only thing that prevents you from travelling, be sure to go over our tips and get started!

How to Travel on a Budget

  • Couchsurfing is so popular nowadays that there are even “couchsurfing meetups” where you can meet other travelers and enjoy the process of discovery even more. Just make a profile at the website, choose a location and find a person who will provide you with a couch for free and also will be your guide in the city (though, it is optional).
  • Surf for walking tours and entertainment that is free in the place you visit. There are usually more free things to do than you can imagine!
  • Remember that there may be diverse options, but still you will need some cash while travelling. So, either save, or earn. You will need tickets and food – that is the least you will need to pay for. If saving is too hard, consider earning money online. Many thanks to an amazing and quite weird Fiverr that offers the most unbelievable jobs and the employers pay cash for that. In case you have particular skills such as writing, IT, or graphic design potential, do not waste your time and earn much more money as a freelancer.
  • Remember to choose less expensive place of destination, or stick to off season travelling. Google all the aspects an average tourist should consider so as to avoid unpleasant surprises and even problems afterwards.
  • You should consider an option of staying in the rural area – in such a way, your actual expenses will not be that huge. Besides, it is a definitely cheap and wise choice in the off season travelling.
  • Finally, remember about your financial limitations, and make sure you know how much a lunch or coffee will cost at that fancy spot. Choose cheap places to visit¸ and if there will be enough cash left, you can always enjoy more during your last days without being broke all of a sudden.

Be smart, enjoy the world, and travel a lot!