Tips on making new friends in college

Starting a college, students open the new page in life the indispensable part of which is making new friends. Often, this requires additional skills. Here you can find nine steps that will teach you how to make friends.

Your Roommate Can be a Good Friend

Of cause, your roommate cannot be your best friend at once. However, you can ask him/her to help you in exploring campus, preparing for a floor meeting or simply suggest having a cup of coffee at a café nearby. All these actions can result in friendship.

You Should Meet RA

You have to know that your resident advisor will not leave you in trouble. Moreover, he/she can help you to solve any personal or academic questions, introduce you to other people who can become you best friend, or become your new friend him/herself.

Your Presence in Dorm Meetings is Necessary

Many schools make meetings for specific college dorm floors to help residents learn more about each other. Use this opportunity to make new friends.

Open Door Can Help You

It can be a very strange suggestion, but if you leave your room door open, students will stop to have a casual conversation.

Common Area Offers Many Prospects

If background noise of common areas in halls does not distract you from studying, you can take your laptop or books and study there. We guarantee you will get a lot of new impressions and make new friends.

Have Lunch in the Cafeteria

Of cause, a lunch in your room is enjoyable; however, the collage cafeteria is a perfect place to make new friends during your lunch.

Find a Workout Buddy

College students can have a free gym membership, and it is easy to find the person who would also like to visit the gym. A casual conversation and common interests can help you become best friends.

Ask Questions

You should use any possibility to draw attention to yourself. For example, do you need a book? Ask somebody to go with you to the library. Do you want to go to the gym? Invite somebody to go with you. These actions will help you to find new friends in no time.

Life without friends is rather boring and sad, so you should devote maximum efforts to make new friends. These nine effective tips will help you to achieve the desired results and find best friends in college.