Term paper topics

Term paper topics

Choose from the Best Term Paper Topics to Guide Your Research

You certainly know that term paper topics present one of the most serious problems in academic learning. Just imagine that you need to write a term paper, and your professor gives you full freedom to choose a topic. What can be better than having a free topic to write on? However, this is where the problem becomes real – you cannot simply rely on a general vision of term paper writing. You need to how to choose a topic; otherwise, you will not have a single chance to succeed in writing.
The purpose of this review is to provide general information about term paper writing and help you choose the most feasible topic. We are confident that these guidelines will give you a strong competitive advantage over your fellow students.

Term Paper Definition

A term paper is a research project that is quite large and extensive, written with the goal of exploring a specific theme and presenting the findings. Professors are passionate about term paper writing, because it allows them to evaluate the progress made by students during the semester. This is why it is so important to know how to start a term paper.
How to write a term paper? Well, primarily, you should follow the requirements and instructions provided by your tutor. You will need to write at least one term paper as you progress through your program or major. As such, you will have plenty of time to do everything needed for your term paper. However, that does not automatically mean that you will be able to produce a worthy term paper. Thousands of students face a challenge of term paper writing. If you do not want to join them, review our recommendations and choose a topic that suits you.
What is the topic that matches your requirements and fits in your specialization? Although term paper writing is a common activity for all students, it is always a unique and exclusive process, at least because the topics chosen for term papers are always different. You should know how to produce a good term paper that is compelling and smooth. If you do not want to experience despair and loss, you should be able to choose a topic that you like. Follow the tips below to fulfill this difficult mission.
When selecting a topic for your term paper project, you will have to explore its main dimensions. If you have questions, contact your professor. If the topic is still complicated or confusing, it is better to switch to a different one. Remember that most supervisors are flexible enough to allow you to change the topic. However, you can do it only before you complete the term paper. If you choose a topic that you do not understand, you won’t be able to produce a strong evidence-based paper and earn a good grade.

economics topics

Economics Term Paper Topics for Students. When you are a student in an economics course, you should be able to use the major economic terms and concepts to write a perfect term paper. As you are reaching the last years of your major, term paper writing will become more demanding, time-consuming, and difficult than ever. If you want to preserve your academic integrity and protect your academic reputation, the best you can do is choosing an appropriate topic for your economics term paper. Review the topics below to choose what best suits you:

  1. High obesity rates – how do they change the global economy?
  2. What is the meaning demand and supply elasticity? What are the factors affecting it?
  3. Explain the theory of production and use examples to illustrate its provisions in practice.
  4. Are monopolies necessarily bad for the market and economy?
  5. What are the main principles underlying labor processes in the economy?
  6. What are planned economies? Why do they always fail?
  7. What are the global effects of cybercrime on national economies worldwide?
  8. Has President Trump succeeded in fulfilling his economic promises? Why and how?
  9. Have European countries been good at managing the global economic crisis?
  10. How climate changes the patterns of development across countries?
  11. Does illegal immigration threaten the continuity of macroeconomic development?
  12. Can climate change benefit the economy and businesses? How?
  13. What is the role of global organizations in fostering continuous economic development?
  14. How have the trade restrictions imposed by China influenced the patterns of trade across the world?
  15. How resource depletion and the loss of biodiversity is dangerous for the world economy?
  16. How is economy implicated in the political and military tensions in the Middle East?
  17. How disease epidemics influence the tourism sector?
  18. How are fuel prices formed and managed?
  19. How can economies speed up their post-crisis recovery?
  20. What is the biggest economic risk facing European economies?
  21. Can renewable energy sources change the allocation of economic forces in the Middle Eastern region?
  22. How the world economy has changed with the advent of new communication technologies.
  23. How the price of energy impacts Russia’s political position worldwide.
  24. Can the propositions made by John M. Keynes help restore the global economy?
  25. How do governments influence the patterns of economic development in a country?
  26. What were the main causes behind the 2008 global economic collapse?
  27. How global instability grows from failures in economic governance.
  28. How better knowledge of macroeconomics could improve the global economy.
  29. How economic nationalism influences (disrupts) international trade relations.
  30. What are the effects of U.S.’s trade policy on global economic growth?
  31. How do changes in international policies produce changes across various industries?
  32. How the economy in the 21 st century differs from that 100 years ago.
  33. How China and India shape the patterns of global economic growth.
  34. Third world countries and their economic growth.
  35. How emerging markets change the structure of international economy.
  36. Africa and its place in the global transformation of economy.
  37. How third-world countries view their place in the global economy.
  38. Why international businesses should mind global trends to succeed.
  39. International ethics and its implications for business.
  40. Scarcity of energy resources and economic growth.
  41. How Latin America changes its position in the world.
  42. China as the driver of change in the world.
  43. Does financial literacy matter?
  44. The customs union theory and the way it works.
  45. How the WTO influences countries’ imports and exports.
  46. Why inequality is forever.
  47. Keynesian assumptions and their effects on economic policymaking.
  48. How capitalism benefits the global economy.
  49. The Wall Street Journal and its position on global economics.
  50. Different economic systems at work.

Choose any of these topics, and you will not regret it. Ask for more assistance if you need any!

psychology topics

Psychology Term Paper Topics. Psychology is another interesting field for practitioners and students. When you need to write a psychology term paper, feel free to choose any of the topics below:

  1. What are the best strategies to overcome anxiety?
  2. Colors and how they change the way we view the world.
  3. Sleep deprivation and its physiological effects.
  4. How can psychologists restore individuals’ self-esteem?
  5. Why is it so significant for parents to play with their children?
  6. How anxiety and stress influence health.
  7. Relationship dynamics and trajectory – through culmination toward dissolution.
  8. Different parenting styles.
  9. The way drug addiction changes a person and the world around that person.
  10. The importance of problem solving.
  11. What are the methods to reduce stress and burnout in the workplace?
  12.  Psychological interventions to prevent family abuse.
  13. How optimists differ from pessimists.
  14. How parental neglect and lack of attention can expose children to the risks of chronic illness.
  15. Why people across the world are obsessed with food.
  16. Why television is such an issue with millions of obsessed viewers.
  17. Narcissist parents – how they influence their children.
  18. Physiological and psychological factors leading to suicide in adolescents and adults.
  19. Fertility education and its implications for the incidence of abortions and their complications.
  20. Why men keep beating women to prove their dominance.
  21. Modernization and its psychological sequel.

sociology term paper topics

Excellent Sociology Term Paper Topics

  1. Do you remember when was the first time that you went to a supermarket? What features of the consumer culture did you observe?
  2. How does television advertisement change children’s perceptions of reality?
  3. How the behaviors of wealthy people differ from the behaviors of their poor counterparts.
  4. What are the socioeconomic factors influencing teenage sexuality and pregnancy risks?
  5. What are your views of gay/transgender people? Why?
  6. Do you maintain gender stereotypes or personal gender biases?
  7. How society objectifies women and how objectification influences women.
  8. What are the dangers of technological progress? How does it change people?
  9. Why immigrants often become discrimination targets. Are there any examples from your country?
  10. How countries can integrate and facilitate the assimilation of illegal immigrants.
  11. The heavy effects of public and social media on public perceptions of the surrounding reality.
  12. Why social media have negative implications for relationships and communication.
  13. What is feminism? What is the history of feminism?
  14. Why society perceives children with autism as incapable and handicapped.
  15. Do you know an example of an event that transformed the way the public perceives the world?
  16. What is socialization? How does it happen? What are the main barriers to socialization? How to overcome them?
  17. Is there any perfect age for getting married and having children?
  18. What are the world’s regions with the highest concentrations of poor people?
  19. Why is society so rigid with the established gender norms?
  20. Gay couples and adoption – what is the evidence of their influence on adopted children?
  21. Why does the growing number of people seek revelation in religion? Does it work?
  22. How groups are structured. How hierarchy influences groups.
  23. The effects of globalization on people – positive or negative?
  24. How does the place of residence influence personality?
  25. Why organ transplantation should be forbidden.

history term paper topics

The Best History Term Paper Topics

  1. How can you describe the main features of the economic order in the U.S. after WWII?
  2. The Battle of Hastings – what were the consequences?
  3. What happened to people after the Vietnam War?
  4. The period of Renaissance – what was it about?
  5. Review the most significant population and workforce shifts in Southeastern states after WWII.
  6. Homeland security – the history of the concept.
  7. The American Revolution and the actions of the Colonists.
  8. The first half of the 20 th century and the art and science of Europe.
  9. Can you imagine that wars can have positive effects on people?
  10. WWII and the way it influenced the basic human rights.
  11. The Reconstruction Era and how it evolved in different parts of the world.
  12. The U.S., the Hippies, and the era of change.
  13. The abolition of slavery and its implications for history.
  14. How the Catholic Church defined the norms and principles in American society at different points of history.
  15. Why and how global epidemics changed the human history.
  16. Colonization and endemics
  17. Religions and their influence on the world.
  18. How colonization changed the map of the world.
  19. Ancient cultures and their mutual (at times, exclusive) influence.

macroeconomics term paper topics

Macroeconomics Term Paper Topics – Choose What You Like! If you are pursuing an economics major, then you should choose topics that reflect your academic background. Find our list of the most relevant term paper topics:

  1. How does the growing number of people taking payday loans change a country’s economy?
  2. What is the liquidity trap and how does it work?
  3. What are the main purposes of the fiscal policy? What about monetary policies?
  4. What are the benefits of inflation for a country’s economy?
  5. Can the fiscal policy become a threat to economic growth?
  6. How changes in the housing market have repercussions for other industries.
  7. Hyperinflation in Venezuela and Zimbabwe.
  8. How the rates of national savings in the U.S. changed in the course of history.
  9. How different population groups purchase and use health insurance.
  10. Global warming and its economic effects on agriculture.
  11. Why the demand for renewable energy does not increase.
  12. How Democrats and Republicans view the foundations of economic policy.
  13. Achieving the supply-demand equilibrium in the economy.
  14. Differences in unemployment rates across the U.S.
  15. Name the main drivers of economic growth.
  16. Can franchising improve economic prospects in a country?
  17. Why child labor could be justified.
  18. How technology helps emerging economies.
  19. India and Brazil as the world’s future economic powers.
  20. How the price of learning varies across countries.
  21. How countries of the world can unite to combat industrial pollution.
  22. Why less cash is good for the economy.
  23. Why tight credit standards hinder economic development.
  24. How U.S.-China trade evolved over years.
  25. What about the economic literacy of U.S. consumers?
  26. Credit standards and consumer demand in the U.S.
  27. How the housing crisis has changed our perceptions of economic reality.
  28. Recessions as a lesson that should be taught to economies.
  29. Why the world economy relies on franchising.
  30. Why some economies may benefit from allowing children to work.
  31. How the politics of a country’s regime changes its economy.
  32. Why economic theories fail to capture the complexity of real-life economic processes.
  33. How multinational companies can benefit the world economy.

Medical Term Paper Topics

Medical Term Paper Topics

  1. What are the benefits and drawbacks of electronic health records?
  2. Should euthanasia be available to everyone in all countries?
  3. How do private hospitals differ from public ones?
  4. Are there any proven strategies to make U.S. healthcare better?
  5. What is the current state of prison health care?
  6. How does stress influence nurse practitioners?
  7. Describe the history of public health.
  8. Describe the history and contribution of the American Red Cross to public health.
  9. What are middle-range nursing theories?
  10. Why do health care and law enforcement face conflicts?
  11. How nutrition can be helpful in mental health care.
  12. How non-communicable diseases change public health epidemiology.

Political Term Paper Topics

Political Science Term Paper Topics

  1. How political action can reduce the risks of terrorism.
  2. The relationship between politics, television, and the Internet.
  3. How policing action can provide information about terrorist organizations.
  4. The fight against global terrorism.
  5. How politics is done in countries like Venezuela and North Korea.
  6. The nature and complexity of politics in China.
  7. How U.S. citizens who adopt foreign children influence politics.
  8. The politics and economics of the developed world.
  9. Why immigration is a political issue.
  10. Cyber politics – real or not?
  11. Are there any boundaries for diplomacy?
  12. How Thomas Jefferson changed the course of diplomatic history in the U.S.
  13. The Red Scare as one of the most painful moments in American history.
  14. How civil rights movement empowered Americans to protect their rights.
  15. Why budget revenues and deficits are all matters of politics
  16. The free market and the housing crisis.
  17. Why religion and politics are inseparable: the case of U.S.
  18. Cuba and its political structure.
  19. Why globalization is an object of political opposition across the world.
  20. How the two-party system benefits the U.S.
  21. The politics of hate crime in the U.S.
  22. The history of the Roman law and policy, with its implications for politics
  23. How politics influences the economic and social evolution in the world.
  24. When the civil rights movement fails: Cases of different countries across the world.
  25. Black democracy and black policy – discussing the two in a context.

Chemistry Term Paper Topics

Chemistry Term Paper Topics

  1. How does chemistry influence the modern food industry?
  2. What about the chemistry of the most popular food products?
  3. How the chemistry of renewable energy sources influences people.
  4. What is the chemistry of water and how can one determine its quality?
  5. What are the chemical ingredients of the most popular vitamins?
  6. Can you find any natural ingredients in the home chemistry you currently use?
  7. The fundamentals of molecular function.
  8. How the science and chemistry of battery production are changing the world.
  9. How food chemistry defines the way the agricultural enterprise works.
  10. Physical chemistry and the place of protons.
  11. How chemistry influences changes in climate.
  12. Catalysts and their role in chemistry
  13. Mass spectrometry and its practice applications
  14. How the presence of arsenic changes the quality of drinking water
  15. The chemical processes explaining the effects of fast food on stomach
  16. Why acid rain is so dangerous and what to do about it.
  17. How fluoride supplements can be helpful or dangerous to humans
  18. The chemistry of plastics
  19. How chemistry is used to transform paper into fuel
  20. Can chemistry justify the effectiveness of organic pesticides?
  21. What are the main chemical components of liquid medicines?
  22. How chemical agents cause allergy.
  23. Differences in the chemical composition of milk products.
  24. The chemistry of food deficiency in children.
  25. How chemistry can help in the production of biofuel.
  26. Hydrothermal vents and their implications for chemistry.

Business Law Term Paper Topics

Business Law Term Paper Topics

  1. The law and justice in the production of iPhone X.
  2. Legal limits of corporate ethics.
  3. The legal parameters of business innovation and entrepreneurship.
  4. Porter’s five forces and the way they work in business.
  5. How hot buttons can change the face of business.
  6. Business concepts that defined the success and effectiveness of Ikea.
  7. When whistleblowing becomes a norm: implications for business law and ethics.
  8. How leaders change organizational culture.
  9. The legal underpinnings of non-disclosure agreements and their effects on workers.

It is time to choose the best topic for term paper, so what are you waiting for?