college application essay

If you would like to become a member of a specific college or university, you will have to work on a college application essay. This piece of writing should be brief and include 1-2 pages only, but writer should be capable of attracting readers’ attention. Application writing is difficult in terms of organizing ideas. Students want to discuss much in the paper, but they have a limited number of words. Here are some good hints that will help you deal with application essays.


Be Unique

In college application essays, the primary question is why you chose this educational establishment. You should not begin your writing with sentences like “This college stands out from the rest because…” Many students begin writing essays in the same manner and members of committee are sick and tired of reading the same hundreds of times. Try to be original in writing and think what was not discussed by other applicants. Yes, you should mention why you chose this college, but you can do it from a different perspective.

Strictly Follow the Word Count Limits

College essay writing usually have strict frames as for the word count. Remember that admission officers read much because they have to find the best future students for their colleges. They also have some personal issues, family responsibilities, etc., which require much time. It presumes a fact that they cannot spend all their time on reading long essays only. Even if you have some bright ideas and want to place all of them in the paper, exceeding the word count limits would lead to your failure. An admission officer will not even start reading your essay if he/she sees more words than was allowed. Members of committee usually read a thesis statement and topic sentences to see if you can support your ideas. If you have to write 500 words, do not make it 501.

Be Specific and Concise

If you do not know how to write a college application essay, there is nothing to be ashamed of. The key task is to effectively and briefly introduce yourself, without elaborate and complicated sentences. In this way, you should not use many adverbs and adjectives that will make your sentences look longer. Remember about the word count rule. Be very specific and if you have a question list, strictly follow it. Do not provide any generalization because you write about your personality, not all people as a whole.

Get Rid of Too Private Details

There are many college application essay topics and some of them will ask you to share the most memorable experiences. Please mind that you do not write a letter to your friend. You compose an application letter that will be read by people who do not know you. They should not learn some private details that even your friends do not know.

Make a Clear and Interesting Conclusion

If needed, we can provide college essay writing help if you cannot make up your own application essay or do not know how to conclude it. Your ending paragraph should be something memorable, which will make admission officers put aside your paper in a pile “Accepted.”

Remain Positive in the End

When students work on a conclusion, they are usually very tired and do not know what else can be written. Do not simply fill out space, but include high quality ideas that will not make your readers bored. If you had to describe the biggest challenge you experienced, your college application essay should still maintain a positive tone in the end, even if you previously discussed some sad moments.