Writing a Research Essay

Many students associate their student life with constant writing, which is indeed true. Oftentimes, students are overloaded with essays, term papers, coursework, etc., and all these tasks require extensive reading and writing. If you would like to know what research essay writing is, check our explanation that will help you compose your own pieces of writing according to modern academic rules.

Writing a Research Essay

The Role of a Thesis Statement

Do not think that thesis statement is a regular sentence in your introduction, which links an opening paragraph with the rest of the text. Yes, it indeed connects body parts, but it is the most important sentence in the whole paper. Some instructions can read your thesis statement only to see if the paper is worth reading or not. Therefore, in research essays, thesis statement is a backbone of discussion.

Composing a thesis statement can be very challenging because this sentence should be brief and cognitive enough to cover all the arguments you want to discuss. Always be original and do not present any generalizations because teachers want to see how you see the research question, not somebody else. Think how you can you can create unique thesis statements in research paper essays and you will definitely win teacher’s appreciation.

Check the Focus of Your Thesis

While choosing a topic for your paper, you should focus on the one that is narrow and concise. Please mind that you will not be able to discuss multiple issues in one paper because and it is always preferable to investigate one problem only (e.g. you can choose a topic of immigration in the US and explore all possible factors that constitute the problem – economic, political, social influences, etc.). If you choose a topic of immigration in general, you will have to cover different countries and there will be nothing more than a mix of ideas. Every research essay should have a clear focus, which can be attained only if you choose a suitable topic in the beginning.

Work on the Main Body

To make your writing easier, you can create a research essay outline that will give you enough ideas later. Your main body paragraphs should be based on argumentation mostly. You are welcome to introduce ideas of researchers, statistics, etc., but do not forget to appropriately cite original sources. Remember that each paragraph should clearly relate to your thesis.

If you would like to surprise your professor that you have properly researched the topic, you can discuss some mismatches or inconsistencies in research ideas. However, it can be done only if you carefully read every book or article on the given topic. If you indeed see some gaps in research theories and analyze them in a paper, it will bring you reputation of a good student.

There might be different topics for writing a research essay. We offer you to read a list of topics that might interest you:

  • The nature of democracy
  • Wireless technologies and their usage.
  • Human cloning.
  • The psychology of an offender.
  • New era of jazz.
  • Industrial revolution.
  • The Internet advertising.
  • The US educational system.

The Final Statement

We cannot tell you for sure how you should end your research essay. In most cases, students are asked to relate a small summary of the key points to the thesis, meaning they should restate what has been already explored. However, sometimes professors ask to provide students’ personal opinions and suggestions. Thus, you simply have to get back to your homework instructions and see what is expected in this section.

The Choice of Sources

Not every source you find in the library or on the web can be used for research writing. If you discuss a topic known for everyone, you will definitely encounter a great deal of printed and online publications. Remember that teachers usually do not accept sources published within more than 5-10 years, claiming that science is moving on and researchers contribute much to the development of each field of study. It implies that only newly published sources can be used in research essays.