writing a personal essay

High school graduation is always associated with hardships because students have to compose a personal essay that will explain who they are and why they want to join a particular educational establishment. This piece of writing serves a purpose of convincing the reader to perceive you as a better candidate than everybody else. Therefore, you should be very careful while writing a personal paper since much depends on it. It is very important to present your strongest features without showing off. To reach good results, you should be very careful with the choice of ideas.

writing a personal essay

Here is a Small Checklist that will Help You Approach Personal Essays with Ease:

  • Why are you different from others? Why do you deserve to be chosen for a particular program/educational course?
  • What feature can describe you the most?
  • Why are you interested in studying this specific discipline?
  • Do you have any background experience in this field of study?
  • What about your hands-on practice?
  • Are there any weaknesses that you would like to work on?
  • What about your positive features?
  • What future aspirations do you have?
  • How you did you find out about this specific college/university?

Your personal essay for college should be written in a couple of stages. The first stage is draft writing. You should brainstorm ideas for your paper and create a sketch of your future work. Then you should determine which ideas directly refer to your topic and get rid of excessive ones. Think about your opening statement, which should impress your admission officers.

If you cannot even start writing your paper, then you probably need personal essay help. Our online writing company can deliver well-written papers on your request. If you think that you can work on this piece of writing on your own, the worst you can do is to write according to the given samples. For sure, you can find many templates on the web, but it will not bring good results if you cannot make up anything new.

Assume that you are writing a story because personal essays for college are very similar to explorative writing. Be creative and try to impress the reader with a culminating point, which will definitely make your essay memorable. Remember that admission officers read too many applications every day and reading essays written in the same manner is very boring. Try to suppress their boredom and you will definitely enhance a possibility to be accepted by the application commission.

After revising the draft, you will have to determine if your personal essay writing meets the general writing standards. Re-read your essay twice to ensure that a structure is clear. If there were specific instructions posted on the college/university website, check them carefully and compare with your essay.

Here is a Questionnaire that will Help you Determine if  You Succeeded in Composing a Good College Personal Essay or Not:

  • Were you honest and sincere or made everything up to impress members of committee (hint: much information can be checked; thus, do not introduce any fake facts).
  • Did you include a thesis statement (hint: it is the last sentence of introductory paragraph).
  • Did you maintain an optimistic tone (hint: even if you refer to some challenges in life, you have to create an optimistic atmosphere in the end).
  • Did you cover all questions from the list (hint: many colleges ask to follow specific instructions).
  • Did you proofread your paper for possible grammar mistakes and typos (hint: you will never reach success if members of committee “stumble” over grammar mistakes).
  • Did you include only relevant ideas (hint: going off the track and discussing too personal ideas will not bring good results. Be specific in your writing).
  • Did you revise the paper?

Finally, do not think that submitting a long essay with multiple pages will show how good you are in writing. Members of committee can dedicate a couple of minutes only for each application. Therefore, always adhere to the word count limits settled by each educational establishment.