NY night clubs

NY night clubs

Nightlife can take many forms, but for visitors and people who live in New York and want to have fun, nothing does the job like a dancing night. Whereas NY night clubs used to be associated with Manhattan, in recent years, new kind of clubs have captured the headlines.

However, if you want to experience real VIP fun, you might be disappointed with what you will find below. Are you going to spend the night staring at celebrity or royalty? If no, and you are just going to dance, then visit the following NY night clubs:

  • Lavo
  • Verboten
  • Santos Party House
  • Provocateur

Lavo – Best Atmosphere

You should definitely visit Lavo if you are that kind of person who loves pop, hip-hop, EDM, and house dance spots. Lavo’s DJs are able to create an atmosphere that exceeds your expectations in the best possible way. However, you should not be surprised when you find yourself in the chaos on the dance floor. You will find here Europeans fist-pumping to Tiesto and scantily dressed girls dancing on tables.

Verboten – Monster Parties

Verboten is one of those dance spots that host monster warehouse parties. In this place, you will feel an authentic atmosphere and will spend all the night until the sun comes up. Verboten covers an area of 10,000 square-foot and is divided into two rooms. It is the best place for people who love underground house and wish to dance their faces off.

Santos Party House – Sunday Party

Among the co-owners of The Santos Party House is Andrew W.K., who really knows how to have fun in night clubs. You should come here if you like funk, house, hip-hop, and soul music. The club is known for its legendary Sunday party that starts at 6 PM and ends at midnight.

Provocateur – One of the Best Nightclub Ideas

This place is visited by those who want to see other people and be noticed as well – models, actors, powerhouses, trust fund babies. Provocateur is divided into two rooms – Café and Nightclub. You can stay in the club for prime dancing and ear-splitting beats and venture to the Café to look at other people.

These are the night clubs of New York that you definitely should visit if you want to dance the whole night until the sun comes up and have some great time.