Increase Social Media Traffic

Increase Social Media TrafficUndoubtedly, most of your traffic you get is from Google searches as well as referrals to the social media and other social networking sites. However, today we would like to share some ways of how to increase website traffic.

How to Increase Traffic from Social Media

There are numerous plugins available online that would optimize the blog posts for social sharing

  1. SumoMe is an assistive tool of website optimization, since it is applied for both image and mobile sharing. It offers tools that add social sharing icons thanks to which visitors can have an opportunity to share images on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. Additionally, in case your visitors view the website on smartphones or tablets, you may use SumoMe to optimize sharing buttons. Its visibility encourages people to share blog content.
  2. When people are willing to share your website, facilitate this task for them and include metadata. em is an application that will test your blog posts and identify the level of optimization for every social website.
  3. As a matter of fact, an eye-catching title contributes to success of social sharing. Such plugin as the Emotional Headline Analyzer puts a grade (out of 100 points) that your title deserves. It would be excellent to try variations of the blog’s name to select the most appropriate option. Additionally, Social Warfare WordPress application chooses the best title for sharing to Twitter.
  4. One more assistive plugin for website optimization is SocialBro. It aids in being aware if your followers are online. In such case, you will definitely notice the time when they are most responsive and are getting more involved. By applying Buffer, you post blogs with a different frequency and then look at the rates people are engaged in them.
  5. Such plugin as Buzzsumo monitors activity of the other bloggers and identifies their most popular posts. This data may be useful for your strategy.
  6. Do not forget that other social platforms may be a good source for social sharing of your blog. The plugin is helpful in creating boards that would be of high interest for a particular group of people. If they drink in the blog you post, they will find it valuable and, consequently, share the information. However, do not forget about sharing other bloggers’ posts.

If you are interested in blogging, ensure to make it fascinating by using the aforementioned plugins that will help you increase the social media traffic.