Extended Essay Guide

Extended Essay Guide

If you want to find out what an extended essay is, make sure to follow our extended essay guide and you will learn many tips and secrets of how to turn your essay into an instrument for improving your performance. An extended essay is a specific type of academic assignment that requires applying a thorough approach. In addition to selecting a good topic, researching the materials, and formatting the paper in accordance with the specific style, the researcher should also pay attention to the extended essay structure. Of course, the best way to understand how to write an extended essay is to find good examples of extended essays and check how such a document should look like in terms of content and structure. In case you don`t want to work on this challenging academic assignment, you can always turn to our professional service and ask for help.

So, what is an extended essay? Typically, it is a pretty lengthy academic project that requires an in-depth investigation of the specific research subject. Such an essay is an integral part of the academic curriculum of all the students enrolling in the International Baccalaureate program. The student won`t be able to get the degree without submitting the well-written extended essay that will demonstrate their level of competence, as well as all the skills and knowledge obtained through the years of study.

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To write a great extended essay, you need to organize your work properly. First, you need to dedicate enough time to its writing and clearly understand the importance of writing a good essay. Pay attention that your essay will be assessed with a good mark only if you take care of the great content, structure, and format. In addition, to make the extended essay easier to understand, one should break down the content into several sub-topics that should relate to the thesis statement.

How to Write Extended Essays? Expert Advice

If you are a student at the International Baccalaureate program, most probably, you are trying to understand how to write extended essays. Let us provide you with some information that can be applied to all extended essay subjects.

The first thing you should do to succeed with your IB extended essay is to choose a good topic. Pay attention that you will need to work on this paper for two years. Therefore, the topic should be interesting enough for you to enjoy when working on the paper. If you find it difficult to choose an appropriate topic, feel free to appoint a meeting with your supervisor and discuss the topic. Apart from being interesting, your topic should be informative and related to your subject. Before you select the topic, you need to carry our preliminary research and check what issues need thorough investigation. You may even make up two or three topics and then choose the one that fits your research interests most of all.

Undoubtedly, the process of writing an extended essay is pretty challenging and time-consuming. However, following the suggestions below, you will be able to cope with this challenge:

  1.  Become familiar with the assessment criteria. In order to bring you the best grade, your essay should follow the prompt thoroughly. In case there are some points that seem not clear, make sure to clarify them with your instructor before you start work on the order;
  2. Identify the research problem or question. Pay attention that this question should be debatable and provide the room for discussion;
  3. Do some preliminary research and find out everything that seems interesting and relevant to the topic. All the research materials used in your research should be indicated in your reference list. Otherwise, the copy-pasted or paraphrased text without mentioning the authorship may be considered as plagiarism;
  4. Develop your argument. As soon as sufficient data is collected, you need to develop your argument. Pay attention that your argument should be based on substantial data. Therefore, it is critically important to have supporting materials from credible scholarly sources.
  5. When the essay is written, you have to revise it several times. We assure you that submitting the essay full of mistakes, you won`t be able to get the best grade.

If you are concerned about the format of your International Baccalaureate extended essay, check out the tips below:

  • Use the readable font such as Arial or Times New Roman;
  • Make your paper double-spaced;
  • Insert correct page numbers in the top right corner.
  • Make sure your title page is correct. The way you create your title page is defined by the formatting style indicated in your prompt.

As for the common suggestions, your extended essay should be clear and concise. To make your essay sound well, you should not include repetitive statements.

Extended Essay Structure

The extended essay structure is one of the primary points you should consider. To make your paper easy-to-comprehend, you need to organize all your findings in the correct order.

  • Abstract. Any lengthy project should include an abstract that will provide the reader with a clear understanding of what is the project about. Being rather short, an abstract should clearly indicate the topic, the objectives, as well as the potential outcomes. Also, an abstract may contain the list of keywords that will indicate what concepts are discovered in the paper.
  • Introduction. In the introductory part, it is necessary to explain the purpose of this project. Claim your goals clearly and confidently. In the introduction, you should also provide your reader with the background information on your topic as it will make it easier for your audience to understand the flow of your ideas. Pay attention that your introduction serves to outline your focus and setting a direction. As such, an introduction should include a clear thesis statement that will clearly explain what ideas will be developed in the essay. Some students prefer writing the introduction at the very end of the writing process because it allows for avoiding revisions and corrections.
  • Main body. The main body of the extended essay is the lengthiest part in which the writer needs to present the research analysis, discussion, and assessment. In this part, it is appropriate to include quotes from the credible and peer-reviewed sources supporting the arguments. Your main body should be divided into several meaningful paragraphs and each of them has to discuss a specific point. Pay attention that in this part of your essay, you need to investigate your research argument from different perspectives.
  • Conclusion. The conclusion is the final part of your extended essay that explains the things that were achieved. It is critically important not to include any new information but prove the theoretical and practical value of the work. In order to reach the best outcome, the researcher needs to make a conclusion clear, concise, and informative. Many students commit the same mistake by simply restating the main points discussed in the essay. However, instead of doing this, they need to connect the concluding part with the introduction of the essay.
  • List of references. Needless to say, you need to include all the outside sources used in research in your reference list.

To organize the work properly, you will need to create a detailed outline that will include the main points and theses that will be discussed in your essay. Though many students do not fully recognize the importance of writing an outline, we assure you that it is an integral instrument for you to stay focused and organized. No matter if you are writing a Nursing extended essay, a Biology extended essay, a Business extended essay or any other paper, you should not underestimate the value of your outline as it aims to create the framework for analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing research materials.

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All in all, remember that the IB extended essay is written in order to evaluate your ability to think independently, develop strong analytical arguments, and practice your research skills. This 4,000-word essay is a significant milestone in the career of every IB student. The professor will evaluate your work mainly for your understanding of the implications and context of your research, gathering the appropriate academic sources, as well as organizing your thoughts and ideas in the logical order.