grant writing tips

grant writing tips

Contrary to a popular belief, grants are not easy money. To get one, you have to win fierce competition, fill in dozens of applications, and write brilliant proposals. In short, you have to be the strongest competitor. We’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to what you have (not) to do when trying your luck.

How to Write a Proposal for Funding

Conduct a Research

You have to know as much as possible about your potential funder. This way you will be certain your proposal fits the specific requirements of the corporation, company or other foundation with which you want to cooperate. Before writing a proposal, check if you have correctly interpreted the guidelines. Does your request match the sphere the potential funder is interested in? Are you sure your proposal fits the grant size? It wouldn’t be appropriate to request $100, 000 from someone who’s willing to give $15, 000.

Mind the Deadline

Seriously, you are not at a high school student anymore. Last-minute application may create an impression of you as a careless recipient. You don’t want that because no one is going to jeopardize their funds by giving them to poorly organized people. Better prepare your proposal way ahead the deadline, securing some time to clarify any question that may arise and double or even triple checking the information you’ve provided.

Describe Your Program in Detail

Mention who, what, where, when, how, and why. Do not skip any of these even if the information seems obvious to you. Providing precise detail will show you are well-prepared, have foreseen possible challenges, you have already achieved a lot, and know where you are heading. You want the funder to see your plans are not merely theoretical. In your grant proposal, show that your ideas are practical, ambitious but constructive, and that you are capable of implementing them.

Don’t Focus Only on Your Foundation’s Needs

Writing a proposal does not mean discussing how badly your organization needs office supplies. Remember that your grant proposal must show you are willing to solve a burning, crucial, and complex issue. And that won’t be possible without the supplies.

And the most important thing ‒ you have to be honest with yourself and believe in what you are doing. If the project is worthy, and you know you can solve a critical issue, demonstrate your dedication in the proposal. Good luck!