greatest tv shows of all time

greatest tv shows of all time

You will not hesitate even for a minute if somebody asks you about your favorite TV show, won’t you? You are also sure which TV projects your friends enjoy watching. However, you will never guess the choice of the TV industry experts; below there are the top 5.

5. The Simpsons as a Masterpiece of the Television Industry

Who would say No to a good laugh? A totally dysfunctional family turned into an icon of long-lasting TV success. They say that the show is experiencing its decline now, but the fact is that there are already almost six hundred episodes of the show. And what is more, season 27 is waited for by the millions of fans.

4. The Sopranos as a Personification of a New Era of Drama Series

TV shows production has never seen more memorable final episodes as they are in The Sopranos. Since 1999, all generations have been amazed at the excellent performance of the actors, as well as the involving plot and intensity of emotions in a top notch TV show by David Chase.

3. Game of Thrones as a Rating Monster

The viewers cannot tear themselves away from the screens when Game of Thrones is on. TV shows production has filled the series with a phenomenal range of conflicts, political intrigues, sexual relations, violent fights, and fantastic turns of events. And the number of characters makes the audience dumb!

2. The X-Files as a Perfect Alien Conspiracy

Being successful during nine seasons, The X-Files made the viewers adore Mulder and Scully. Will they date or not? That is the question that makes the show memorable along with the storyline full of mysteries and fun.

1. Friends as a Favorite Show of all Time

Six friends from New York City burst into the world of TV shows production in the 1990s to stay there forever. Even now, when the series is over, it still makes the viewers be attached to the characters. Funny, silly, touching and close to everyone, the show is still loved and watched.

People like to watch high-quality TV shows. Their interest rockets the actors and actresses to success and fame, while the best shows remain the memory for years. Still, more great shows are coming, and that is awesome news.