Writing an exporatory essay

Composing an exploratory essay differs much from other academic assignments. The key difference is the fact that you do not know how your essay might end. In common academic essays, you should create an outline, present an introduction, main body, and conclusion by adhering to the already written plan. However, in our case, everything depends on the writer and his/her imagination.

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No matter what exploratory essay topics you discuss, the writing principles are different. If you have already started writing your essay, you do not know about the exact ending. Yes, you know how to begin your discussion and then “let your imagination flow.” From the very beginning, you do not have specific feelings towards the chosen topic and you can discover your attitude only when most of the paper has been written.

Exploratory writing means that the outcome will be known only if you have disclosed your emotions and presented several arguments that influenced your thinking and perception of an issue. You can find a list of exploratory essay topics on the web if you cannot decide which subject to choose. Moreover, it is always advisable to check some sample papers on the Internet, which will show you how to handle writing an exploratory essay without a headache.

Peculiarities of Exploratory Writing

Exploratory essays differ much in terms of argumentation. You are welcome to introduce proof/evidence more often than you usually do in other essays. Though teachers ask students to explore one notion per paragraph, here you can get a broader vision of the issue and discuss multiple sides simultaneously. You should concentrate not on the smallest details, but rather presume how those details constitute a larger picture. Therefore, if you are a freshman, make sure you properly understand what explorative writing is and how to produce ideas to get a good grade.

Constant inquiring and posing a question is the second principle that makes exploratory papers different. In this way, you do not have to present a specific thesis statement since you are not sure what the outcome will be. There can be various writing techniques for composing an explorative paper, so refer to your teacher’s instruction to know which one to choose.

Though explorative writing does not have very strict frames, a writer should present all ideas in chronological order. In addition, explorative writing entails at least one rhetorical question that the writer wants to answer. If you do not know how to approach your topic, you can start with a discussion of the positive and negative features of your subject matter. In any case, you should present all possible sides of the issue and explore it to the full.<

Here are the most Common Topics that Students Discuss in Exploratory Essay:

  • Does taxation in the US bring any benefit?
  • Democracy and human rights violation.
  • The causes of depression.
  • The reasons for high divorce rates.
  • Academic integrity policies: Are they really fair?
  • The necessity of pre-school education.
  • The causes of high immigration rates.

Exploratory essays are rather philosophical because a student has to approach the problem creatively and critically if he/she wants to surprise the professor with high-quality content. Do not try to find answers to multiple questions in your paper. Exploring a broad topic will only lead to failure. The key to success depends on your ability to choose a remarkable topic and if you have strong feelings towards it. Exploring your personal experiences and emotions is a complex task, so be ready to spend enough time on the writing process.