Classification Essay

Classification Essay

The process of producing a classification essay differs from that of other papers. The thing is that this work has some peculiar features. When preparing it, you should divide the presented ideas into a few groups. However, it is not as easy as it seems. It is sometimes very hard to categorize facts logically. Besides, a subject, chosen from a variety of classification essay topics, also matters.

The most important thing is to classify the examined issues appropriately. If you want to complete this assignment successfully, take the following steps:

  • Create distinct categories.
  • Formulate a basic principle of classification.
  • Cite striking examples.

When you begin working on your paper, you should establish proper categories. It is important to classify the issues logically. For this reason, you should make a comprehensive list of groups. Then, it is necessary to fill each group with relevant facts and data. It should be noted that the very categorizing process is not complex at all. For example, imagine that there is a huge pile of sheets of paper containing some information on your table.  How to sort through it? You should point out a key feature according to which you will divide your sheets into groups. Imagine that your table consist of a few sections. Tag each of them in the following way: “Important sheets,” “Unnecessary sheets,” “Sheets that are worth considering.” This method will help you sort everything in the best way. The same is about the ideas presented in your essay.

Making a Classification Essay Topics List

When writing an introductory paragraph, you should tell readers what you are going to examine. Do not forget to mention the ways of classifying the ideas. As to the subject, you are free to choose the one you like most of all. One thing that you should pay attention to is the instructions provided by your professor. It is of cardinal importance to fulfill teacher’s requirements. When producing an introduction, you should also indicate the created categories. You will describe them in details in the body of the paper.

In order to prepare a superior work, take the following model as an example:

  1. Indicate the topic of the paper
  2. Point out a fundamental classification principle
  3. Make a list of categories, i.e. a category#1, 2, 3…etc.

Consider the following example to understand how it works:

The most popular sports in the USA are the following: baseball, basketball, football, and hockey.

How to Produce an Exclusive Classification Essay

Is it still hard for you to understand how to write a classification essay? Follow the useful tips mentioned below:

  1. Create particular categories first.

Check whether you have classified all facts properly. For instance, imagine that you have to explore the most popular American team sports. Thus, a category should include the following sports: football, hockey, baseball, and basketball. If you miss at least one of the items, you will fail to prepare a top-notch work.

There is no need to establish a large number of categories. It may confuse readers. For example, you are assigned to write an essay about restaurant chain in the USA. If your classification principle is fast food, then you should stick to it and do not confuse it with other aspects.

  1. Formulate a classification principle.

Adhere to it when creating categories. Do not establish any new principles when writing a classification essay.

  1. Discuss the ideas of each category in the same way.

Provide enough representative examples. However, the last category is usually an essential one. You should focus on it closely.

Essay Structure

Structure your classification paper logically. First, present its topic. Second, explain what principle you are going to stick to when classifying ideas. Talk about the categories in detail.

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