cheap weakend in Nyc

cheap weekend in NYC

NYC is one of the most amazing and attractive cities in the world, and, of course, it is one of the most expensive travelling spots! But, believe me, every minute you stand under the label of the Big Apple is worth all the amount of money spent on it. It is that famous concrete jungle, according to Alicia Keys, where dreams come true, where you become a new advanced person, where life is savored as especially delicious and sophisticated dimension. If you consider your financial situation to be insufficient for the NYC level, try some tips how to spend an awesome weekend in NYC without ending up broke.

NYC on a Budget:

Enjoy the view!

There are lots of incredibly beautiful NYC attractions¸ but one of the most amazing thing to do in the Big Apple is to enjoy the view. You will not have to spend a fortune on it, but the impressions will be tremendous! One of the best options for sightseeing New York is the deck for observation located at the pinnacle of Rockerfeller Center. It costs $30, but you will see the NYC canvas, the Central Park, the Empire State Building, and even One World Trade Center. Want to get there for free? Follow me 😉 Your route will be as such: the main entrance of Rockerfeller Center -> level 65 -> a bar -> and a perfect opportunity to enjoy the same view just five floors under the renowned observation deck of the building.

The Statue of Liberty

There is no man who knows NYC and who has not heard about Lady Liberty. If you can afford the trip, it will cost you at least $18. Otherwise… Battery Park -> get into the Staten Island Ferry (they are available in every half an hour) -> while you go to the island, do not miss the Statue of Liberty and delight the marvelous Manhattan skyline. Yeap, sightseeing New Yorkis an exquisite experience!

Broadway Tickets

 It is a flamboyant and beautiful experience that never ceases its demand among other NYC attractions! Yes, even I cannot get the tickets absolutely for free, but c’mon, no way to the full prices! As soon as you have chosen the show, approach the TKTS vendors who are usually in Times Square. The perfect time for this is either at 2:00-3:00 PM or 9:00-10:00 AM. The tickets for the show will be available at approximately 50% discount!

You gonna love NYC! Do your best and enjoy it as much as you possibly can!