cause and effect essay tips

cause and effect essay tips

There are a lot of interesting cause and effect essay topics. When exploring a particular subject, you have to structure your paper properly.

If you want to produce a great cause and effect essay, you should follow the tips provided below:

  1. Determine the cause and effect of a problem.

If you need to know why a phenomenon exists, you should find out the reasons for it. In other words, you need to identify what has caused a particular issue. In case you have to show the effects of an event, it is necessary to indicate its results. Draw your attention to the example cited below in order to understand how effects are produced:

  • We do not have potatoes. – Cause
  • We will not cook dinner. – Effect

When writing such a work, you should bear in mind that several causes may have one effect. However, everything may be vice versa as well. It depends on the cause and effect essay topic. That is why you should always consult your professor about the items that raise doubts. We would like to provide examples of how a single effect may be produced by several causes and vice versa. Take a look at the following:Causes: participating in different art contests, talking to a famous artist, preferring Arts to any other subject, getting favorable comments on paintings.

  • Effect: studying Arts at an educational establishment.
  • Cause: hiring a housekeeper
  • Effect: more free time for fun and travels, no need to clean one’s own house, higher expenditures.

However, when writing a cause and effect essay the sequence of events leading to some effect may be even more complex. For instance:

Reading a magazine in a streetcar may be the reason for missing the stop which in its turn causes the loss of the wallet. As a result, a student may be late for classes.

  1. Write a good thesis statement.

It is necessary to determine whether you are focusing on causes or effects. However, you may need to analyze both issues. A thesis statement should present the main idea of the paper. When formulating it use the words “effect” and “cause.”

  1. Produce a rough outline.

Provide readers with strong arguments supporting the key point of the work. Moreover, you should cite impressive examples relating to the thesis statement.

  1. Organize your cause and effect paper appropriately.

There are a few methods for presenting facts. They are the following:

  1. Chronological order. Provide information paying attention to the sequence of events.
  2. A matter of importance. You should go from minor details to the essential ones.
  3. Divide the central idea into groups.
  4. Use transition words to make your work coherent.

Here are some transitions used for presenting:

  • Causes: owing to, as, for the reason that, etc.
  • Effects: as a result, consequently, therefore, etc.

Good Cause and Effect Essay Ideas and Tips

When preparing a paper, keep in mind its purpose. You should determine whether you are aimed at persuading or informing readers. Furthermore, you should focus on the examined causes and effects. Do not forget to provide compelling evidence and reliable statistical data to add weight to your piece of writing.

Down below, there is a list of some subjects for writing good cause and effect essays:

  • The Impact of Climate Changes on Environment
  • The Causes of Pollution
  • Defending Human Rights
  • Fats Food: the pros and cons
  • The Influence of Computer Games on Children

Try to choose a fascinating subject for your paper. It will be much easier for you to explore it.