Do you have any problems with editing or structuring your papers? Do not panic! We will help you cope with everything. Draw your attention to the helpful academic writing checklist put below. However, you should discuss all points of the paper with your professor first, especially its title. Remember that it has to be catchy to attract readers’ attention. Moreover, it should focus on the central idea of the work. Thus, it will be easier for you to cover the topic. After that, you should prepare the first draft. Only then, you may start working with the discussed checklist. You do want to write an exclusive essay, don’t you? Therefore, you should follow those steps:


If you want to write a good introduction, give answers to the next questions:

  1. Is the essay question clear? Do not forget that readers should be interested in your work from the very first sentence. Try to make your introductory paragraph intriguing. By the way, you may use relevant additional material to understand how to write the opening sentence. One more option is to get professional academic writing help online with this item. Introduction should provide basic information about the subject. Show why it is important to explore it. You can mention which research projects have already been done in the area. However, it is necessary to admit that no one has examined the matter in the way similar to yours.
  2. Have I written a good thesis statement? Does it relate to the title of the paper? Usually, the thesis presents the main idea of the work
  3. Is there is a plan connected with the thesis statement? It should consist of a few sentences to show how the paper is arranged.

The Main Body

Consider the following questions to cover the topic completely:

    Do I present compelling evidence? Is it related to the above-mentioned plan?
  1. Does each paragraph start with a topic sentence? Remember that it is necessary to provide a detailed description of the subject. Moreover, you should cite vivid examples. Thus, it will be much easier for readers to get the point.
  2. Have I made smooth transitions between the paragraphs? Are the transitions properly marked? Transition words, such as moreover, additionally, by the way, etc., help to connect the ideas.
  3. Have I used quotations? It is the best way to support the presented ideas by concrete facts. Remember that you should provide long quotations if they are extremely important for the produced content. Otherwise, it is better to omit them.
  4. Have I made the proper references?


When writing this part of the paper, make sure to cover the following aspects. Follow this essay writing checklist:

  1. Is my conclusion reasonable? Remember that it should summarize all the discussed points and present the results of the research. Here, you may give some suggestions on the explored subject. However, they have to be based on reliable data.

Each academic paper has to be thoroughly edited. That is why you have to make sure whether you have used the tense forms properly. Pay attention to the endings of the verbs when they are used with different pronouns. It is very important to follow the correct sentence structure. Only formal style has to be applied! To facilitate the process, use this great checklist for academic writing. Draw your attention to the proper use of:

  • Nouns and pronouns
  • Adverbs (be specific and avoid generalizations). Use such adverbs as often, rarely, usually, etc.
  • Verbs (use formal verbs only);
  • Adjectives (avoid using such adjectives as superior, wonderful, etc., in academic writing);
  • Synonyms;

Make direct connection between the sentences. Proofread your paper. Mind the format.